Panic Button


Panic Button is no longer supported. Read more about why.

Turns your mobile phone into a
secret alarm for when you’re in trouble


How Does Panic Button Work?

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    TAKE TIME to set-up Panic Button somewhere safe and quiet

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    Create a plan with your contacts so that they are PREPARED to ACT

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    CHECK you are ready and that your mobile phone has credit and battery

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    ACTIVATE Panic Button in an emergency by rapidly pressing the phone's power button

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    Your network will receive an SMS and regular updates of your location helping them to ACT FAST


Is Panic Button
right for you?

Here are some simple questions to help you assess
if Panic Button is right for you
(your answers will not be recorded)


Using Panic Button to send an alert only improves your safety when your contacts can do something to help you. The disguise is only here to delay the discovery of the application for as long as possible to send your location updates. A competent adversary might be able to find out about your location, that you are alerting your contacts or the identity of your contacts.


Panic Button Training Kit

Imagine Panic Button as the tip of an iceberg.

For the app to be as effective as it can be, we created a set of training cards
to help you get started on a risk assessment process.
You can browse the cards online, or print them for use in workshops.<hr>

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