How To Print

Download the Game  

The PDF Game Cards, download-able above, are meant to be printed out and used in workshops. </strong>_

Game Cards

Rule Book

The name of the file is 1-1-1—imPACT Game Rules. You are free to print this document as you prefer. For the sake of saving paper and the environment, we suggest you print it front-rear on a single sheet of paper.

Player Cards

Print these documents each on its paper sheet, then fold them in half vertically so that the empty side is inside, and you have created a long and tall strip of paper. You can also use some paper glue to make it stronger. Next, fold the strip horizontally: it is meant to be put visibly on a player’s body (in a shirt pocket, for example) so that player information and the icon are showing. You will notice Key Figures have two icons — one will be hidden in the pocket. The hidden icon can be ripped off and given to the player as proof of collecting that player’s token.


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