Campaigning Colleague
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Campaigning Colleague

You are a colleague of the human rights defender. While you may not necessarily be a security expert, you understand campaigning and are able to mobilise your organisation. As soon as you receive the emergency alert your task is to lobby key influencers to help get the defender released.

You will need to contact the European Union Mission delegation and pressure them to get involved in the case. If you are successful, you will be provided with the business card of the EU delegation’s human rights defenders focal point as proof of completing the task. Ensure you note down important personal information about the human rights defender and what you know about the circumstances of their disappearance so that you are able to convince them. It is likely that you will need verification of the incident, so ensure you consider this when creating the PACT with the rest of your team.

React fast when you receive the alert. Start by locating the European Union Mission delegation staff person. You will find them because they will be wearing a name tag stating “European Union Mission delegation”.

You may need to meet with the other responders in your team to see if their tasks can be used to show verification of the incident. Once you have obtained the business card you can reconvene with the other responders in your team and bring all the evidence of each task to the Game Masters.

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