Coalition’s Communications Officer
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Coalition’s Communications Officer

You are employed by the National Human Rights Defenders Coalition and your job as the Communications Officer is to ensure that all members (NGO and independents) receive timely and accurate information that can help them in their work - including information about security incidents with other members, trends in threats and attacks, etc. Obviously, sharing information about security incidents can have serious impacts, so all information must be well verified.

  • A good explanation of what happened, the circumstances of the disappearance/detention, etc. (including about how they found out about it, i.e. the Panic Button)
  • Why do they think that the disappearance/detention was connected to the fact that the person is actually a HRD?
  • Has the HRD given consent for the information about the incident to be communicated so widely?
  • Is there any risk in naming the HRD in the communication?

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