Community Outreach Colleague
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Community Outreach Colleague

You are a colleague of the human rights defender at risk who is responsible for maintaining relationships, in particular in relation to security issues in the country and sub-region.

As soon as you receive the Panic Button alert, your task is to get in touch with the Representative of an International NGO to notify them that the human rights defender has been detained. You will ask them to release a public statement.

To do this you will need as much information as possible about the defender and the circumstances of their disappearance, so make sure you have collected all this information before the alert is set off! Watch out as there may be additional surprise questions so ensure you plan ahead! React fast when you receive the alert. Start by locating the International NGO representative. You will you will be able to identify them because they will be wearing a name tag stating “INGO representative”.

Provide information to the INGO representative. When they are satisfied that you have provided all the necessary information, they will provide you with a copy of a public statement. Once you have this as proof of completing your task you can reconvene with the other responders in your team and bring all the evidence to the Game Masters.

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